General Rules

  1. Dormitory residence is restricted to University of Sopron students who have been granted dormitory accommodation. Students may occupy the room assigned to them and are responsible for the furnishings, equipment, room key, and access card.
  2. Rooms must be left in move-in condition. The cost of rearranging furniture, leaving personal belongings behind, or extra cleaning will be deducted from the Student’s deposit. Furniture keys must remain in the furniture locks when the Student moves out. The room key and the access card must be handed in at the reception desk upon check-out.
  3. Equipment in the common rooms may be temporarily moved to another room based on a prior written request and the permission of the Principal of the Dormitory.
  4. Any damage or malfunction of the Dormitory’s furniture or equipment must be reported immediately to the Custodian or the Dormitory reception.
  5. Students must pay rent per the terms of the Rental Agreement.
  6. Prior written notification and approval of the Principal is needed to use the Dormitory’s common areas, internal courtyard, and fireplaces for student events.
  7. Alcoholic beverages are NOT allowed in the ground floor lobbies.
  8. Dormitory residents must respect the fire and accident prevention rules.
  9. The order and condition of the rooms and furnishings are regularly checked by the Dormitory Management staff, the building supervisors, and the members of the Dormitory Committee. On request, everyone must show themselves (by showing a student or identity card).
  10. No material, object, technology, or animal that endangers public safety may be kept or used in the dormitories (e.g.: firearms, air weapons, arrows, dogs, other predatory animals, game traps, etc.).
  11. Endangering the safety of oneself and others is prohibited, e.g., climbing out of buildings, using construction tools, and using education equipment for purposes other than their intended purposes (climbing, throwing, damaging, etc.).


Community Code of Conduct


  1. Dormitory residents must observe the written and unwritten rules of social coexistence by refraining from disturbances and setting equipment volume at a level that does not disturb others. It is forbidden to engage in any activity that disturbs the peace students and residents of the Dormitory.
  2. The Dormitory buildings are equipped with smoke detectors. Smoking is only allowed in designated areas and is FORBIDDEN everywhere inside the building.
  3. DO NOT cover fire alarms. Stoves, hotplates, and other heat-producing appliances (kettles, toasters, sandwich makers, etc.) must not be used in the accommodation units due to fire risk. They may be used in the communal kitchens. (Microwave ovens in the rooms may be used as intended.)
  4. Accommodation cards and access cards are non-transferable.
  5. The Custodian must authorize any room alterations. Maintenance and installation work may only be conducted by the Custodian.
  6. Perishable food should be stored in the refrigerator.
  7. Students must keep dormitory rooms tidy.
  8. Students are responsible for providing their own bed linen, or they can request it from the Custodian or at the reception for an extra fee.
  9. Students must regularly empty the waste bins placed in their rooms into the waste bins outside the building. It is forbidden to store rubbish or unused items in the corridor.
  10. Perishable waste or large refuse may only be placed in a garbage container outside the building.
  11. Accidents and infectious diseases must be reported immediately at the reception.
  12. All students are allowed to have guests in their rooms from 7:30 a.m. until 1:00 a.m., with the agreement of their roommates. Visitors must present their student ID/photo ID at the reception desk and, if using an access card, hand it to the reception desk for safekeeping.
  13. The “student accommodation” in the dormitory room can be requested upon notification at the reception for a fee of HUF 2000 per person per night, with the prior written consent of the roommate(s). This type of accommodation is limited to a maximum of 5 days per month.
  14. The admission of a dormitory student may be authorized after the personal appearance of the host without a fee. Admission is for one night.
  15. Students must lock their rooms when leaving and to keep the key and access card with them. Students MUST NOT give these to anyone else.
  16. High-value and/or high-power (continuous operation, more than 2000 watts) owned electrical equipment (TV, refrigerator, electric heaters, etc.) may be brought into and used in the Dormitory only with the permission of the Principal. The Dormitory is not responsible for the equipment or for any damage resulting from its operation. The relevant contact safety regulations must be followed.
  17. Keeping animals other than small mammals in terrariums, fish in aquariums, and birds in cages is FORBIDDEN. All pets must be kept with the written consent of the roommates.
  18. It is strictly FORBIDDEN to bring animals into the living areas and common areas of the Dormitory or to taxidermy or skin such animals.
  19. The barrier-free dormitory entrance must be left free. Bicycles may only be stored in designated areas.
  20. Disciplinary action or proceedings may be taken against those who violate the Policy based on the Disciplinary Code of the Dormitory and the provisions of the Rental Agreement.


Final Provisions


  1. The University of Sopron Dormitory Policy was adopted by the Senate of the University of Sopron by its resolution 104/2023 (VI. 30.).
  2. With the adoption of this Policy, the University of Sopron Dormitory Policy and all amendments thereto shall be repealed.

The Policy will enter into force on 1 July 2023.